1. Do NOT talk about your submission, whether it’s your time, strats or anything else. Not even a hint that you found the best strat ever.
  2. Do NOT leak the task to non participants, bystanders will discuss new strats that participants can use as an advantage.
  3. You may resubmit a run within the submission period.
  4. The submission has to follow the task rules to be valid. Organisers may point out rule breaks so you can resubmit a valid run, but don’t always count on that.
    Purposefully breaking the rules and submitting it will count as a meme run, check the special rules for that
  5. Do NOT code your own mods or tools just for this competition. This is not a coding competition and the best tools win.
  6. Working as a team is allowed, but announce all team members when you participate.
    • You are not allowed to play the task in multiplayer on a server
    • You are allowed to discuss strats in your team
    • Segments from multiple team members stitched together are allowed (e.g. by sharing savestates)
    • Only one person has to submit the run, but mention all team members in the submission notes

Rulebreakers will be disqualified and may re-join once the next round starts. In severe cases this may lead to a ban from the discord.

Invalid runs will not be qualified for the video in the end, but it will not disqualify you from the competition. Invalid runs may be shown in an “All Submissions” video if you wish for it to be included.

Additional Info’s

  • Due to the nature of different PC’s and different recording capabilities, we may need to call some cases a tie even if times are different and one clearly seems faster… We want to make it fair for everyone regardless of their PC specs…
  • You may dm Scribble#1216 for questions regarding the task. This will be forwarded to the team. We may announce clarifications publicly to everyone

Editing and Submitting

  • Currently tasks will be non playback TASes, so your run has to be edited in some way. You may edit out sections where you are not ingame. This includes the pause menu and the main menu, as well as the loading screens. If you leave in too much, the organisers may remove some sections in your favour.
  • Do NOT edit a timer into your submission, we organisers will retime and add our own timers anyway… But you are still allowed to time the run yourself.
  • Keep the raw recording files as we may check if time was saved in the edit.
  • Upload the submission to a file sharing service of your choice, but we recommend using YouTube. Make sure to set the video to unlisted. After the results are published, we will link to your submission.

Meme runs

Have some creative way to solve the task? Then do what you must do…

The only rule here is:

  • Submit a real run before submitting a meme run!

In the past we almost had more meme runs than real submissions, so we want to prevent that…

In the submission process, you need to link 2 videos in one message so your meme run gets accepted.

Sooner or later all meme runs are shown, but only 1 meme run may be chosen for the result video.